Mayflower & Pilgrim Postcards

Thanksgiving Greeting postcard photo
turkey postcard photo
Pilgrim postcard photo
Circa 1909
Circa 1912
Circa 1909
Reverse of the Circa 1909 postcard, which was sent to Cora Snow in Cummington, MA
Circa 1911

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Serendipity: to make discoveries, by accident and sagacity, of things not in quest of. That is the case with two postcards purchased online that ended up providing more than just a nice pilgrim picture. The recipients happen to be descendants of Mayflower passenger Constance Hopkins (Stephen's daughter), who married Nicholas Snow circa 1625..
The Landing of the Pilgrims postcard (right) is postmarked 1910 and was sent to [Thomas] Lathrop Snow. Lathrop's ancestry is documented in the History of Franklin County, Mass. He was born July 13, 1900. According to his WWI registration, he had blue eyes and brown hair and was of medium height. His father was Frank Herbert Snow, an insurance agent.. His grandfather, Barnabus Snow, was a blacksmith who was killed when thrown from his carriage in 1899.
Landing of the Pilgrims postcard photo
Lathrop Snow postcard photo
Peaceful Thanksgiving Circa 1911
Sincere Greetings 1914
Bradford 1911
Blessings 1911
Greetings From Plymouth, Mass. Circa 1950
The First Thanksgiving, November 1621 postcard